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Heartbreak Hotel
Reading My Mind
Hey Ray
Model Beirut
Helen Of Troy
Sold Motel
Walkin' The Dog
Common Cold
Big White Cloud
Outta The Bag
Chinese Envoy
Ghost Story
You Know More Than I Know
The Ballad Of Cable Hogue
Dirty Ass Rock 'n' Roll
Leaving It Up To You
E: Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
Gravel Drive

Cambridge 2007-01-28

Junction, Cambridge, UK
Michael French

JC came on stage at 9pm and proceeded to play a brilliant combination of old and new for the next 2 hours. He started off as with Sheffield with a deconstruction of Heartbreak Hotel very intense and very electronic with his voice put through an effects processor to sound like something out of Doctor Who! I haven't got a copy of the set list but early on he played a new song called Ray which seemed a natural progression from blackAcetate but not as powerful as Jumbo in tha Modernworld. I remember thinking the lyrics sounded interesting. Helen of Troy, Walking the Dog, Cable Hogue were all played.

Highlights of the set were Dirty Ass Rock'n'roll and an encore of Gravel Drive, but sadly no Pablo Picasso. The Junction is a good place with a good atmosphere worth making the early evening journey up from London. Looking forward to Oxford in march!

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