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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
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Cologne 2003-11-25

Kantine, Cologne, Germany
Review by Marga Taris

This show differed from others in that JC decided to incorporate a fragment of Streets Of Laredo in the middle of Fear, doing a stunning Tom Waits impression, and leaving the other band members standing by idly and slightly bemused: Jeff and Paul staring at each other with puzzled expression, which was really funny to watch.

A furious Venus In Furs was delivered with the viola not terribly in tune, but that is tradition I was told, and it's lovely chaos.

In Set Me Free he did not try to hit the usual high note in "again... and again..." He did look as if he was going to, like on previous occasions, but then changed his mind. It's strange when you're kind of expecting he can do it because he's in such fine voice, and it just doesn't happen.

Cable Hogue had some superb guitar playing near the end which hadn't struck me before, or perhaps this was the first time they did te extended guitar-ensemble-thing. Great to hear, they ought to do more of that.

Hallelujah was very impressive. In general I fail to work up any enthusiasm for Leonard Cohen's music, I do own a version of the song by Jeff Buckley which I truly like. But JC is the first to make it come to life, to give the song any passion and meaning. Devastatingly beautiful.!

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