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Monaco 2003-07-24

Grimaldi Forum, Monaco, Monaco
Review by Jeff

During this summer, the Grimaldi Forum (Monaco) presented a retrospective about Warhol. Some bands, influenced by the VU, came to play. Lou Reed played one week before Cale. I had not seen Cale in years (since Words for the dying!). I was enthusiastic. At the same time, I was afraid: what kind of show he will present, is Cale still interesting for the public, etc, ...

After the set, my feelings are still divided. Yes, John Cale is a real musician, he continues to create and to innovate. To see him on the scene, few meters from me, is magic. But, I ask to myself what is the interest of some new songs. Sincerely, I don't see. If it wasn't Cale, I would say not essentials. And during the concert, there was some sounds problems: Cale was angry and we had to support that too. He didn't smile, he looked his feet or the machines, never the public. He has not spoken between songs.

Well, I did a lot of road to see a man who looks like me when i go to work the monday morning!!! It's not really professional. So, I would like to see a musician who still loves music (I think he is), and play (I'm not sure) and want to communicate with its fans (I'm sure he doesn't care).

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