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Sold Motel
Ship of Fools
Dancing Undercover
Over Her Head
On A Wedding Anniversary
Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night
Some Friends
A Child's Christmas in Wales
Chinese Envoy
Darling I Need You
Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
Leaving it up to You
Set Me Free
Cable Hogue
The Endless Plain of Fortune
Buffalo Ballet
Dying on the Vine
Style It Takes
Thoughtless Kind
Paris 1919
Antarctica Starts Here
Close Watch

Prague 2001-06-19

Archa Theatre, Prague, Czech Republic
Review by David Mácha

Cale came with noisy applause and quickly began play a new song "Sold Motel". He was dressed really zany. He was all in the grey/khaki suit with unpick ends, black T-shirt with green writting and unpicked shorts. His voice sounded very clear and Cale looked very cool.

First surprise were the guitar songs (great "Dancing Undercover") and a beautiful new song "She's In Over Her Head" with samplers. It was very nice that Cale played more old songs as Riverbank, especially a great version of "Leaving It Up To You" where Cale ended songs with snaps on the guitar, and a great version of "Guts".

The audience was really keen and when Cale went off stage after second encores and took the lyrics and closed the cap of the piano he didn't apprehend that the show didn' end. The people were staying, the applause lasted almost five minutes. Cale came back obviously surprised and played "Antarctica Starts Here" for the first time ever in Prague and his classic number "Close Watch". It was one from the best Prague shows.

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