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Put The Blood In The Music

1989-03-12 "Put The Blood In The Music"

About this DVD

Episode from The South Bank Show, a long running UK tv series. Aired March 12, 1989

Documentary on the New York experimental scene focusing on John Zorn and Sonic Youth. I've seen references to a 75 minute version that also features performances from The Ambitious Lovers and Hugo Largo, neither of which feature in this version. John Zorn talks about the gestation of "Spillane" and is seen performing at a rehearsal space and at the Knitting Factory with Spy Vs. Spy. Sonic Youth perform in a rehearsal space and in an industrial building of some kind, and are interviewed/filmed in various New York locations. They discuss the NY experimental music with John Cale, and goof around a lot. Both artists are commented on by various NY contemporaries, including Lydia Lunch, Glenn Branca, Ikue Mori, and Christian Marclay.

Sonic Youth seem ill at ease when they ask Cale some rather bland questions.

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