Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


>Billy Name: The Silver Age: Black and White Photographs

Cale is mentioned in a lot of books. He also wrote a couple of forwords. A short list of interesting volumes:

More reading

Punk! - An A-Z (Barry Lazell)
Forword by John Cale.

Billy Name: The Silver Age: Black and White Photographs (Dagon James)
Forword by John Cale.

Lit Riffs

Lit Riffs (Ed. Matthew Miele)
Writers "cover" songs they love. Contains the short story Dying On The Vine by Elissa Shappell.

Nico - Songs They Never Play On The Radio (James Young)
Written by her former keyboard player. Cale as a druggy producer of the Camera Obscura album and sharing the bill on a Japanese tour.

Lou Reed - Growing Up In Public (Peter Doggett)
The Velvets, Songs For Drella.

Lou Reed - The Biography (Victor Bockris)
The Velvets, Songs For Drella, the reunion tour.

Patti Smith (Victor Bockris)
Producing the Horses album and supporting the 1976 tour.

There's Something About Jonathan - Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (Tim Mitchell)
The aborted Modern Lovers album sessions.

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