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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

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Extra Playful

Extra Playful

About this EP

Released in 2011 (September 19) on Double Six, a Domino Records offshoot. 12 inch vinyl (with a download card) and as a separate digital download. There is a misprint on the label of the vinyl version, claiming that it runs at 45 rpm...

The CD version was made available on October 10th (November 25th in the USA, also as limited edition, see below).


  1. Catastrofuk
  2. Whaddya Mean By That?
  3. Hey Ray
  4. Pile A L'Heure
  5. Perfection

Tracks (vinyl)

Side A
  1. Catastrofuk
  2. Whaddya Mean By That?
Side B
  1. Hey Ray
  2. Pile A L'Heure
  3. Perfection
Extra Playful - Black Friday Edition

Limited edition USA CD

A limited special edition (2000 copies) has two extra tracks was made available in the USA on Black Friday (November 25) at indie retailers across the country. The CD version of Extra Playful features two tracks: Bluetooth Swings and The Hanging, as well as a redesigned black cover:

"It's a great pleasure to know the indie market is alive and well - still kicking sand in the face of those corporate behemoths. Without the true believers of real music - our neighborhood indie music shops - so many would have simply missed out on some of the most ground-breaking music yesterday and now. Characteristic of most indie stores is they have limited stock of their hand-picked favorites which drives the buyer to other stores that would invariably have their own focus and style - now go forth and multiply!"


  1. Catastrofuk
  2. Whaddya Mean By That?
  3. Hey Ray
  4. Pile A L’Heure
  5. Perfection
  6. Bluetooth Swings [Black Edition]
  7. The Hanging [Black Edition]
Whaddya Mean By That

Whaddya Mean By That? single

Whaddya Mean By That? is released as a single on July 25. An official video premiered on YouTube on September 20, 2011. A special promo radio edit was sent to DJs.

An official video for Catastrofuk premiered on YouTube on October 11, 2011.

To herald the release of John Cale’s Extra Playful EP, Domino imprint Double Six are happy to share a new video for the EP track “Catastrofuk,” directed by his daughter, Eden Cale. In keeping with the Extra Playful spirit of the EP, the video sees him exploring outer space. The new world in which he finds himself appears inviting on the surface, but slowly, its darker elements reveal themselves and it becomes apparent that all is not quite as it seems.

Whaddya Mean By That? and Catastrofuk (known as Catastrophic) made their live debut at the Carling Academy, Oxford (June 26, 2008). Hey Ray first performed at Central Station, Wrexham - January 18, 2007.

Hey Ray is about mail art pioneer Ray Johnson:

"He was the first guy I met when I arrived in New York. He was one of these artists who was very reclusive. He'd never call you, you couldn't call him. He would just send you mail that would contain all this bric-a-brac, and you'd tip the envelope out on the table and there would be a myriad bits of cuttings, bits of cardboard, objects, whatever. You'd never hear from him for months, and then all of a sudden you'd get an envelope"

John Cale: vocals, keyboards, synths, guitars, viola, bass
Chris Bautista: trumpet on "The Hanging"
Dustin Boyer: guitars, synths, backing vocals
Michael Jerome: drums, percussion, backing vocals
Erik Sanko: bass, backing vocals
Deantoni Parks: drums on "Whaddya Mean by That" and "Bluetooth Swings"
Noelle Scaggs and Destani Wolf: backing vocals on "Hey Ray"

Other credits:
All songs written, arranged and produced by John Cale
Published by Garnant Music
Mixed by Mickey Petralia
Recorded by Dustin Boyer
Executive producer Nita Scott

© 1999- Hans Werksman