Song For Drella Ballet. photo:  Hans Cornelissen
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 2011

Songs for Drella

Songs for Drella - the ballet

Ed Wubbe & Marco Goecke created a choreography for Songs for Drella for Dutch ballet company Scapino. The production was on tour in The Netherlands (February 18 - May 20, 2011). The only show in Belgium happened in Hasselt.

Not all songs were used. Slip Away (A Warning), It Wasn't Me, I Believe and Nobody But You were left on the shelf. Wubbe and Goecke added a bit of jazz and Big Apple Express from Cale's Stainless Steel Gamelan: Inside The Dream Syndicate Vol III album.

Scene photo by Hans Cornelissen

Running order:

  1. Smalltown
  2. Tijuana Gift Shop (Charlie Mingus)
  3. Open House
  4. Style It Takes
  5. Work
  6. Oh No, Babe (Jimmy Smith)
  7. David Bowie Screentest (no music)
  8. CG Train (Charlie Mingus)
  9. Starlight
  10. Faces And Names
  11. Big Apple Express
  12. Oh No, Babe (Jimmy Smith)
  13. Images
  14. Big Apple Express
  15. Trouble With The Classicists
  16. A Dream
  17. Forever Changed
  18. Solo (no music)
  19. Hello It's Me

Ed Wubbe teamed up with John Cale in 1997 for a ballet about Nico.

Date City Venue
2011-02-18 Uden (try-out + introduction) Theater Markant
2011-02-22 Rotterdam (try-out) Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2011-02-23 Rotterdam (première) Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2011-02-24 Rotterdam Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2011-02-25 Rotterdam (introduction) Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2011-03-02 Eindhoven Parktheater Eindhoven
2011-03-03 Zutphen (introduction) De Hanzehof
2011-03-05 Dordrecht Schouwburg Kunstmin
2011-03-08 Hoorn Schouwburg Het Park
2011-03-09 Kampen (introduction) Stadsgehoorzaal Kampen
2011-03-10 Emmeloord Theater 't Voorhuys
2011-03-15 Purmerend (introduction) Theater De Purmaryn
2011-03-16 Leiden (introduction) Leidse Schouwburg
2011-03-18 Alphen ad Rijn Theater Castellum
2011-03-22 Veenendaal Theater de Lampegiet
2011-03-24 Sittard Stadsschouwburg Sittard-Geleen
2011-03-25 Breda Chassé Theater
2011-03-28 Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam
2011-03-30 Nijmegen (introduction) Stadsschouwburg Nijmegen
2011-03-31 Wageningen (introduction) Junushoff
2011-04-08 Den Helder Schouwburg De Kampanje
2011-04-15 Rotterdam (introduction) Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2011-04-16 Rotterdam Rotterdamse Schouwburg
2011-04-20 Drachten De Lawei
2011-04-21 Hoofddorp Schouwburg De Meerse
2011-04-22 Den Haag Lucent Danstheater
2011-04-27 Den Bosch (introduction) Theater a/d Parade
2011-04-28 Middelburg Stadsschouwburg Middelburg
2011-05-03 Hasselt (Belgium) Cultureel Centrum Hasselt
2011-05-04 Kerkrade Theater Kerkrade
2011-05-06 Almere Schouwburg Almere
2011-05-07 Alkmaar (introduction) Theater de Vest
2011-05-10 Helmond Theater 't Speelhuis
2011-05-12 Groningen Stadsschouwburg Groningen
2011-05-17 Tilburg Theaters Tilburg
2011-05-18 Schiedam (introduction) Theater a.d Schie
2011-05-20 Cuijk Schouwburg Cuijk

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