John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


Dance Music

Dance Music

About this album

Released in 1998. Detour 3984-22122-2.


  1. Intro
  2. New York Underground
  3. Night Club Theme
  4. Modelling
  5. Out Of China
  6. Death Camp
  7. Ari Sleepy Too
  8. Iceberg I
  9. Jim
  10. Iceberg II
  11. España
  12. Nibelungen
Dancing the ballet

Recorded live in The Netherlands, Fall 1997.

All tracks performed by Ice Nine, except España by John Cale (recorded at L.P.G. Studio, NYC, by Jack Wall) and Nibelungen by Nico from her The Marble Index album (note: this is a bonus track from the CD re-issue, and not included on the original vinyl version; mixed by John Cale in May 1990).

Nico's spoken words in Ari Sleepy Too were edited and reassembled by John Cale from the flexi disc that came with The Andy Warhol Index Book (1967).

Nico Ballet Poster

John Cale wrote a short text for the premiere. It it included in the CD booklet.

Ice Nine:
Tineke de Jong: violin, musical direction
Jan Schoonenberg: viola
Ernst Grapperhause: viola
Baptist Kervers: viola
Marjolein Meijer: cello
Jasper Teule: double-bass
Corrie van Binsbergen: guitars
Marc van de Geer: piano, synthesizers
Arend Niks: percussion

John Cale and Ed Wubbe during rehearsals for the Nico Ballet

Other credits:
Producers: John Cale & Jean Michel Reusser
Sound engineer: Michiel Jansen
Editing and mastering engineer: Didier Jean/Erato
Logo design: Hans Wap
Photos: Hans Gerritsen (Dancers & Ice Nine), Domenico Lomonaco (John Cale & Ed Wubbe)
Artwork: Olivier Chabance & Jean-Michel Reusser

© 1999- Hans Werksman