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Aarhus 2013-08-29

Music For A New Society

Performed the Music for a New Society album at the Aarhus Festuge, Aarhus, Denmark - August 29, 2013. Special guest: Nick Franglen. The "New Society" part of the show ended with In The Library Of Force, a song that was included on the expanded 1993 CD re-issue of the album. Support acts: Beth Orton, KT Tunstall and Jim White.

The band:
John Cale: vocals, guitar, keyboards, viola
Dustin Boyer: lead guitar
Alex Thomas: drums
Joey Maramba: bass


  1. Taking Your Life In Your Hands
  2. Thoughtless Kind
  3. Sanities
  4. If You Were Still Around
  5. (I Keep) A Close Watch / Mama's Song
  6. Broken Bird
  7. Chinese Envoy
  8. Changes Made
  9. Damn Life
  10. In The Library of Force
    Extra songs:
  11. Gravel Drive
  12. Riverbank
  13. All Summer Long
  14. Ship Of Fools

(Thanks: Frederic Somers & Maria Wilkinson)

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