John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

John Cale - Quotes

Cale in Oxford 2007

On performing

"I don't view audiences as amoeba in a petri dish, that you can just sort of nudge around and play with. It's more like - it's a combination of what the audience wants and what you can give them. You've really got to bring them with you. It's really great when you do a song that everybody knows but they don't recognise it because the arrangement is so different and then it dawns on everybody and it becomes something else entirely."


"If you pick the right musicians, you minimize your problems. It's not the first impetus that they get along together, but it certainly helps."


"Even if you're improvising, the fact that beforehand you know certain things will work helps you make those improvisations successful. It really helps to have a certain amount of knowledge about musical structure."


"What I enjoy most about being on stage is that the natural instruments give you a greater freedom with texture. When you use natural instruments they have their own resonance."


"When somebody grabs a movement, you're kind of locked into it. It's all par for the course."

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