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Eno and Cale

London 2002-02-03

Tate Modern, London, UK
Review by Gary. Photo: © Peter Macdiarmid

The Tate Modern celebrated the opening of an Andy Warhol retrospective with live music.

Cale/Eno together again Uh-oh...

I thought they would probably do one song together, but as it happened they did five:

  1. Over Her Head
  2. Heartbreak Hotel
  3. Frozen Warnings
  4. Style It Takes
  5. A Dream

The stage was simple, set at one end of a large dining area - the tables all had silver table cloths and silver chairs. Behind the stage some of those oil film projections were beamed on to a white wall. Marianne Faithfull did one song first, called Song for Nico backed by an acoustic guitarist and then she introduced Cale and Eno by saying something like "Here are two guys I love".

Cale was seated behind a Steinway wearing his usual white shirt and black leather trousers, while Eno stood behind his synthesizer, which occupied most of his attention during the performance.

Cale said little beyond his customary introductions and Eno's contributions consisted mainly of sound effects over drum machine rhythms, although he came up with some nice harmonising vocals for Frozen Warnings. Heartbreak Hotel was given a nice jazz feel.

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