John Cale live @  Crossing Border, The Hague
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


N'Oublie Pas Que Tu Vas Mourir

N'Oublie Pas Que Tu Vas Mourir

About this album

Soundtrack released in 1995. Les Disques du Crépuscule TWI 1028.


  1. The Pianos Part I
  2. Welcome To Europe
  3. Everybody's Cold Sometimes
  4. A Snake In China?
  5. First Train To Heaven
  6. Martyrs and Madmen
  7. Take A Deep Breath

    The String Quartets
  8. Never Seen Anything So Beautiful
  9. Angels In The Cloud
  10. Madonna's Blues
  11. Sunflowers Fields
  12. Al Dente
  13. Hadrian Was Here
  14. Kiss My Once More My Love
  15. Alive At Dawn

    The Pianos Part II
  16. Skin In The Mirror
  17. Who Said Love's Safe?
  18. 100% Pure
  19. Do Not Forget
  20. Last Train To Bosnia
  21. Gold And Crimson
  22. So Far So Good

John Cale: piano
Marie-Jeanne Lechaux: violin
Charlie Ralite: violin
Véronique Tat: cello
Frédéric Robin: viola

Other credits:
String sessions transcription and direction by Renaud Pion.
Sound engineer: Daniel Deshays, Phénix Studio Billancourt (Saint-Cloud), Jackson (Saint-Ouen).
Pre-mastering: Martin Brass, Big House Recording, NYC.
Mastering: Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering Studio.
Glass Mastered at DADC Austria

"The music on this CD was all delivered from several passes at scenes from the film, that, in some cases, ultimately did not require music. There was a conscious decision to alter the tone from piano to string quartet as the action moved to Italy, as well as the rubric of having the music not enter after diagnosis."

John Cale

© 1999- Hans Werksman