John Cale live @  Crossing Border, The Hague
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale




About this album

Released in 1995. Les Disques du Crépuscule 0630118962.


  1. Flashback 1#1
  2. Antártida
  3. Velasco's Theme
  4. Maria's Appartement
  5. Flashback 1#2
  6. On The Waterfront
  7. Pasodoble Mortal
  8. Maria's Dream
  9. Flashback 1#3
  10. Antarctica Starts Here
  11. Flashback 3
  12. Sunset
  13. Get Away
  14. Flashback 1#4
  15. Antartida Starts Here
  16. Frame Up
  17. Barn
  18. People Who Died
  19. Flashback 1#5

All tracks by John Cale, except People Who Died by Jim Carroll. He recorded a new piano version of Antarctica Starts Here for the scene wherein the lead actors visit a concert.

Dan Buckholz: cello solos
John Cale: vocals and piano
Cece Giannoti: guitar on Pasodoble Mortal
Xavi Mezquita: trumpet on Pasodoble Mortal
Sterling Morrison: guitar on People Who Died
Guillermo Prats: electric bass on Pasodoble Mortal
David Soldier: arranger and conductor on Antártida
Chris Spedding: guitar on People Who Died
Erik Sanko: bass on People Who Died
Maureen Tucker: drums on People Who Died
Maurice Villavecchina: acordeon on Pasodoble Mortal
Michael Weiss: drums on Pasodoble Mortal

Other credits:
All orchestral, solo cellos and group recordings made at Big House Recording, New York. Engineer: Martin Brass.
All midi and piano recordings made at L.P.G. Studi, New York. Engineered by Matt Donner.
Pasodoble Mortal: recorded at Tramontana, Barcelona, Spain. Engineered by Moreno.
Final assembly made at Farra Music Studio, Paris, by Jean-Michel Reusser.
Digital editing by Charles V.D.E.
Additional treatments made at L.G.P. Studios, New York with Mark Donner.
Artwork: Hennebert
Photos: Deborah Feingold and Maria Espeus.

© 1999- Hans Werksman