John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Live and rare: "Bootleg" CD

Cale Street

Cale Street

About this bootleg CD

CD Italy. Released in 1992. Great Dane Records. GDR CD 9217. Booklet contains a long lists of other bootlegs.

Live at the Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany, March 7, 1983.

another show also called Cale Street was recorded in Frankfurt, Germany, 1989. Not sure if this one was actually ever sold.

Part of this show was rebroadcasted May 16, 2007 on digital German radio:


  1. Ghost Story
  2. Ship Of Fools
  3. Leaving It Up To You
  4. Amsterdam
  5. Child's Christmas in Wales
  6. Antarctica Starts Here
  7. Taking It All Away
  8. Riverbank
  9. Paris 1919
  10. Guts
  11. Chinese Envoy
  12. Thoughtless Kind
  13. Only Time Will Tell
  14. Cable Hogue
  15. Dead Or Alive
  16. I'm Waiting For The Man
  17. Heartbreak Hotel
  18. Chorale
  19. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
  20. (I Keep A) Close Watch
  21. Buffalo Ballet

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