John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

In Concert

Roden 1976-12-15

About this show

Live in Roden, The Netherlands - October 15, 1976.

Note: Cale did perform in Europe around this time. Roden is a small town in the east of The Netherlands. Did he actually perform there? Well, the Ramones did play in Nieuw Schoonebeek at a pop festival in 1994 ...

The band:
Mike Visceglia: bass
Dave Lebolt: keyboards
Bob Kulick: guitar
Joe Stefko: drums


  1. Helen Of Troy
  2. Ghost Story
  3. Paris 1919
  4. Child's Christmas in Wales
  5. You Know More Than I Know
  6. Darling I Need You
  7. Guts
  8. Leaving It Up To You
  9. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
  10. I'm Waiting For The Man
  11. Gun

Filler: 1976 CBGB's


  1. Pablo Picasso
  2. Heartbreak Hotel
  3. Cable Hogue
  4. CBGB's Interview

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