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Yamaha Silent Electric Viola SVV-200

Yamaha Silent Electric Viola SVV-200

John Cale uses this instrument in concert since 2005. Specs from the

Dual Piezo pickups
Under the bridge pickups provide greater dynamic range.

Two EQ modes
A simple to use EQ system provides an enhanced acoustic tone, or dry signal.

Built-in output jack
The re-positioned 1/4" output jack drapes the cable behind the player.

Studio quality pre-amp
The on-board pre-amp is virtually noise free for recording or amplifying.

Full lower bout
The lower bout accommodates a standard shoulder rest.

Acoustic features
The SVV-200 uses a real ebony tail piece and chin rest.

Acoustic playability
The neck is left unfinished to feel like any acoustic instrument.

Color available
Available in brown only.

Players will find the full 16" scale comfortable to play.

(Thanks: Liz Ireland)

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