John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


Le Vent de la Nuit

Le Vent de la Nuit

About this album

Released in 1999. Crépuscule/PIAS TWI 1083 086.1083.20.


  1. On The Road To Portofino
  2. At The Boats
  3. Naples
  4. On The Road To Turin
  5. Turin At Night
  6. The Seine At Night
  7. Suicide 1
  8. Truck Parking Lot At Night
  9. On The Road To Germany
  10. Waiting
  11. Thinking And Acting
  12. Suicide 2
    'Memories Of Paris'
  13. President Y Is Still Stable
  14. B. Calls
  15. Darkness On The Delta
  16. What Mrs Ives Said To Mr Ives
  17. My Piano Thanks You For Visiting

Movie directed by Phillipe Garrel - who once had an affair with Nico. Starring Catherine Deneuve, Daniel Duval and Xavier Beuavois.

John Cale: piano
Mark R. Deffenbaugh: guitar

Other credits:
Recorded by Daniel Deshays and Olivier Do Huu at Dubbing Brothers (Paris) except Memories Of Paris recorded by Alain Cluzeau assisted by Emmanuel Payet at Acousti Studios (Paris).
Mixed at RPM Studios (New York).
Mastered by Jean-Pierre Chalbos at La Source Mastering (Paris).
The added pieces were recorded at Acousti Studios after the film score was finished and are grouped under Memories Of Paris, titled to refer to real and imaginary events around the time in Paris.

© 1999- Hans Werksman