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Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

John Cale setlists 2017

New York 2017-11-18

Live at Howard Gillman Opera House / BAM in Brooklyn, NY, USA - November 18, 2017. 75th Birthday Celebration. With The Wordless Music Orchestra and BGV Music Choral Group.

This concert features the first performance of Pretty People, a song that would finally be released in 2023 on the bonus 7" that came with the limited 2LP of the Mercy album. American singer-songwriter Sky Ferreira joined him on stage for Amsterdam.

The band:
John Cale: vocals, viola, keyboards
Dustin Boyer: lead guitar, samples
Joey Maramba: bass
Deantoni Parks: drums, samples

Wordless Music Orchestra:
Conrad Harris and Pauline Kim Harris: violin
Caleb Burhans, Drew Forde, Isabel Hagen, Caitlin Lynch: viola
John Altieri: sousaphone
Sam Nester: trumpet, flugelhorn
Florent Ghys, Chris Johnson, Eleonore Oppenheim: bass
Clarice Jensen, Christine Kim, Seth Parker Woods: cello
Daniel Blake: saxophone
Alix Tucou: trombone
David Byrd-Marrow, Matt Marks: horns
Matt Smallcomb: timpani, percussion


  1. Frozen Warnings
  2. Gravel Drive
  3. Hedda Gabler
  4. E Is Missing
  5. If You Were Still Around
  6. Big White Cloud
  7. Half Past France
  8. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend
  9. Leaving It Up To You
  10. You Know More Than I Know
  11. Ship Of Fools
  12. Hanky Panky Nohow
  13. (I Keep A) Close Watch
  14. Chums of Dumpty (we all are)
  15. Amsterdam (w/ Sky Ferreira)
  16. Rosegarden Funeral of Sores
  17. Wasteland
  18. Pretty People (new song)
  19. Hatred
  20. The Legal Status of Ice

(Thanks: Marek Koudelka)

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