John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Promoting John Cale


Poster for the 3-night stand at The Rat in Boston 1977-02-24_26 Poster for the 5-nights stand at CBGB's 1978-12-27_31 Poster for the last two shows of the 5-nights stand at CBGB's 1978-12-27_31 Poster for the two shows at The Edge, Toronto 1980-01-19_20 Poster for the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor show 1981-05-11 Poster for the Metropolis, Seattle show 1983-08-06 Poster for The Ritz, Austin  show 1985-02-04 Poster for the Cameo Theater, Miami show 1985-08-03 Post for the Paramount show xx-12-08 Poster for the West End Cultural Centre, Winnipeg show 1988-02-13 John Cale 1989 German tour John Cale 1992-11 UK tour flyer (front) John Cale 1992-11 UK tour flyer (back) Velvet Underground 1993 reunion poster Poster for the show at Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France - December 8, 1994 Poster for John Cale and the Soldier String Quartet at the Bluebird Theater, Denver - 1995-03-24 Live at the Bluebird, Denver, Colorado, USA - 1995-03-24 Poster for the show at Aerecha, Prague, Czech Republic - December 13, 1996. This show was cancelled due to Cale being ill - thanks David Mácha Poster for shows The Rubb in Ybor City 1997-03-03 and The Sapphire Supper Club, Orlando 1997-03-05 What's Welsh For Zen tour (January 16-18, 1999) poster London 1999-01-21 poster Poster for the Silver Lake show 2006-08-27 Poster for the Thessaloniki show 2006-01-20 John Cale Prague Flyer Some Days Never End Festival, Dublin, Ireland - 2007-10-31 Poster for Life Along the Borderline: a Tribute to Nico in Rome - 2010/04/11 Brighton 2011-05-23 poster Poster for the shows in Tel Aviv 2011/08/02-03 Nice 2011/10/22 poster Nice 2011/10/22 poster Montpellier 2011/10/30 poster Stockholm 2011/10/11 poster Barcelona 2012-03-20 poster Bilbao 2012-03-21 poster Cardiff 2012-10-07 poster USA 2012 tour poster 2013 France tour poster Paris 2013-02-12 poster La Route de Rock festival poster Utrecht 2013-02-20 poster Groningen 2013-02-22 poster Prague 2013-02-28 poster - thanks David Mácha Lima 2016-03-01 poster Buenos Aires 2016-03-03 poster Montevideo 2016-03-04 poster Santiago 2016-03-06-28 poster All Tomorrow's Parties Festival 2016-04-22 poster All Tomorrow's Parties Festival 2016-04-22 poster

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