John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

John Cale on screen

Words For The Dying

Director: Rob Nilsson (1989)

B&W/colour. 80 minutes

This documentary follows composing and recording of The Falklands Suite in Moscow, Wales and London.

Rodion Azarkin and John Cale

Point of interest is the composing and recording of Year of the Patriot, a piece written by Eno and Cale for bass player extraordinaire Rodion Azarkin.

Brian Eno, who produced the recordings, didn't like the idea of being filmed, and layed down three basic rules:

  1. Stay out of the control room
  2. Occasional surveillance camera permitted
  3. Film my hands and feet
John Cale during the recording sessions in Wales

Filmed in Moscow, Wales, London and Amsterdam (live performance at the Paradiso of Chinese Envoy - April 11, 1989).

DVD release

Re-released (with a few extras) on DVD by Provocateur Pictures in 2008.

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