John Cale live at The Roundhouse, London - 1971-01-17
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


Church of Anthrax

Church of Anthrax

  1. Church Of Anthrax
  2. The Hall Of Mirrors In The Palace At Versailles
  3. The Soul Of Patrick Lee
  4. Ides Of March
  5. The Protege

The Soul Of Patrick Lee

Yes she found her footsteps failing
Falling falling from the sky
Down from Bangor with her eagles
Stepping out before her time
She did cry and she did fly
Round and round the swollen sky
Lightning for those mountain sides
And the miller never showed her
A face that didn't know

Then that concert sang a long way
Here and there to Swansea Bay
More and more the tides ran with it
Murder Mary come and gone
Folded arms and Christendom
Shields and molten falcon heads
And the miller never showed her
A face that didn't know

It's a long long time - to go

Then came Xmas moving slowly
Slowly crossing out the chimes
Shutting out her father's women
Broken women on her side
Give her give her all she wants
Safely with her alphabet
On that morning she did leave
And he never would have shown
Her a face that didn't know

© 1999- Hans Werksman