John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale


The Academy In Peril

The Academy In Peril

  1. The Philosopher
  2. Brahms
  3. Legs Larry At The Television Centre
  4. The Academy In Peril
  5. Intro
  6. Days of Steam
  7. 3 Orchestral Pieces
      The Balance
      Capt. Morgan's Lament
  8. King Harry
  9. John Milton

Legs Larry At The Television Centre

Oh, we're rolling, cue-gramms, closer from camera one
Hold it, hold it
That's nice, camera two, cut to two
Lovely, hold that, hold that, hold that
Right, on Ronnie then. come to Ronnie
Watch the cello love, watch the cello
Mind your boom — for blimey's sake
OK, lovely, a little more rain, a little more rain
Silly cow, smashed his make up now
Hold that, pan back, pan across, pan back
Mind your boom, John, mind your boom
A bit more record there, lovely, lovely
Hold that, hold that, pan back, pan back
Sweep across now
Twisle around, lovely
For goodness' sake, look he spilled brandy on his trouser suit now
Low down, close shot, get his leg in, that's right
Cut off the cello
Lovely, hold it
That's very nice, very nice
Keep the rain coming, Vera, keep the rain coming
Pan across, pan back, hold it
Now go in for the kill
It does look nice in this light
Yes, it's worked out very well, very, very well
The whole thing's bloody mad, if you ask me
Oh, this silly crone
Right, roll the captions, roll the captions
Where is he?


King Harry

All hail King Harry
but a whisper of your former self say I
Your wives are all dead
Sail away say I

France can burn
while your sons lie warm
Come Xmas in the tower
Alas Alas King Harry
Sail away say I.

© 1999- Hans Werksman