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Hi, I run two sites about music. And they're both great. Get in touch. I might even bother to reply.

I am passionate about music. I am dead serious about music. I listen to music. I watch music. I read about music. I talk about music. I buy music. So it makes sense that I write about music.

Styles covered: anything with a pulse, so: Americana, folk, rock, heavy metal, dance, funk, jazz, country, punk, bluegrass, rockabilly, post-punk, new wave, blues, noise, hard rock, surf, shoegaze, electronica, indie, avant-garde, pop, jam bands, (neo)-classical, Krautrock, power pop, experimental, post-rock, dream pop, minimal, industrial, vaudeville, singer-songwriters... The ability to play the music in a live setting is considered to be a big plus.

No reggae or modern day R&B, no fucking Auto-Tune. Tried it, hated it.

Note: my address for sending me stuff can not be found here. It will be supplied to you after I have contacted you. I like some privacy, old fashioned I know.


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