John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

New York in the 60s

Angus MacLise  The Cloud Doctrine

Angus MacLise - The Cloud Doctrine

About this album

Released in 2003. Sub Rosa SR182.

Four experimental recordings featuring Cale can be found on the Angus MacLise 2CD The Cloud Doctrine: Trance #1, Trance #2, Two Speed Trance, and Four Speed Trance.

The tracks were recorded by Tony Conrad in New York in 1965.

Angus MacLise: Cimbalom, drums
John Cale: guitar, viola, keyboards
Tony Conrad: guitar, violin, and keyboards

Other credits:
Co-producer: Marc Doutrepont
Sleeve design: Baby Mountain*
Liner Notes: Gerard Malanga, Guy Marc Hinant
Recorded By [Original Recordings In Low-fidelity Monaural By]: Tony Conrad
Recorded By [Sound Recordings]: Stuart Leigh, Tony Conrad
Remastered By [Archives Remastered]: Sheldon Rochlin
Remastered By [Digital Remastered]: Tony Conrad

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