John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

In Concert

Gothenburg 1985-12-09

About this show

Live at Errols, Gothenburg, Sweden - december 12, 1985. Tape flip between Model Beirut Recital and Dying On The Vine.

Sony WM-R15 > Maxell UD1 > Yamaha KX-300 > Cool Edit pro > wav > Traders Little Helper > flac level 6

This is my first live recording with my (then) brand new Walkman. It is from the legendary "Errols" in Gothenburg. It was a very small place and I think you can hear that in the recording.


  1. Every Time The Dogs Bark
  2. Dr. Mudd
  3. Evidence
  4. Streets Of Laredo
  5. Waiting For The Man/Augustus Pinochet
  6. Chinese Envoy
  7. Fear Is A Man's Best Friend / Hedda Gabler
  8. Heartbreak Hotel
  9. Leaving It Up To You
  10. Model Beirut Recital
  11. Dying On The Vine
  12. Villa Albani
  13. Mercenaries (Ready For War)

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