John Cale
Fear Is A Man's Best Friend - John Cale

Timeline: 1973

Moves to London

Cale moves back to London. While looking work he keeps playing his box sets by the Beach Boys and Gustav Mahler.

Paris 1919

Paris 1919

Paris 1919 is Cale's first real rock album as a solo artist. Lowell George, the leader of Little Feat, plays guitar. Re-released in expanded form in 2006.

"My third solo album, Paris 1919 was the last record I did for Reprise. We recorded in Los Angeles and the producer was Chris Thomas, an Englishman who recently left George Martin's AIR Studios, when he had produced Procol Harum. I didn't know anything about Chris Thomas but David Berson said, 'I've got a guy for you.' And we had a whale of a time doing this thing. There were some crazy things going on. I gave Chris a ride on the bonnet of my Cobra up Sunset Boulevard. When I think back I'm horrified by that. I we'd got stopped we would have both been in jail. I learned a great deal from Chris in terms of general feedback. The weird part was his mother's being form Wales and knowing my mother's mentor in the education sysem."

The album was performed live in its entirety in Cardiff (November 21, 2009), with his regular band and a 19 piece orchestra. The show was staged again in 2010 in London, Norwich and Paris, Brescia, Los Angeles and Melbourne. 2011 shows in Barcelona, Essen and Malmö.

Modern Lovers

Modern Lovers

Produces the first Modern Lovers album, the group led by Velvets freak Jonathan Richman. The sessions were on Bermuda. Finally released in 1976.

"It was just rehearsed to death - that's not the way. I was picking at sores after a while... At the end, he didn't trust me and I don't know why, something happened, and that broek it with me. I thought: I don't why this is happening, but it's a painful. I'm going to leave ... It was shame, because I felt that there was such an innocence that was worth capturing, that was kind of unbelievable in a way."

Pablo Picasso, a song that Cale would cover on his Helen Of Troy album, is included on the Conflict & Catalysis: Productions & Arrangements 1966-2006 compilation album (2012).


Silverhead production

Produces the 16 And Savaged album by Silverhead.

Island deal

Signs a contract with Island for six albums in three years.

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